Ask our AI-tarologist the most burning question, and explore the neuronets wisdom. The worst – you’ll have fun. The best – new bright thoughts unveiled. The thrill lies in the unknown, right?

Especially, if you believe that these pieces of cardboard contain some sort of magical power.

Why Tarot? Our team's experience allows us to predict your success, which is sure to come true ;) *weeell, guys, lets steer clear of big promises))

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Helping startups and entrepreneurs with Product Development, Branding, Strategy, Communications and Fundraising.

Under our guidance projects raised over $5M of investments through the last 3 years and launched over 50 digital products.

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cool topic! let's stir up business, shall we
I mean, we spent 2000 prompts?

We have a passion for creating beauty, which is why we spent 2743 iterations in Midjourney to find the perfect style and design.

In the slider below, you'll witness the evolution of our visuals, accompanied by comments from our work chats, showcasing the journey from project conception to launch.

Generation History

Starting with some classics?
Nah, bullshit 
Text by Midjourney? Nailed it!
I got it, guys...
More digital needed 
Trying out a poster
I, I wish you could swim
Like the dolphins, like dolphins can swim
Less retro, please
Though nothing, nothing will keep us together
We can beat them forever and ever
Oh, we can be heroes, just for one day
spider hands,
spider hands...
Retro-futurism less,
cyberpunk more
lens is good
toooooo much
but lens is good
but lens is good
Lets keep it simple, more
classic but previous
Too mythical
Even simpler
I like it!
Stop, wait, please
Pretty interesting,
share the prompt 
Who's already watching
the last of us,
what thoughts?
Your back after
14 hours working day
The right style,
but a bit more work
3 times a day THIS
and your back
won't ache
Used 20 prompts
to get this
Let's avoid people 
Raisin Card? 
I like raisins!
Cool grandpa
Going another way,
need prompt change
Let's do something
with his head?
Need work on composition
Bold decision
Let's combine 2 versions
Even bolder 
Looks empty a bit
Agreed, next 
Keeping the style!
Great! THIS!
Found it!  


Prompt Whisperer
vitaly lazarenko
deck caster
Julia Krupinina
yulia nazarenko
guide of fate
elizabeth chervyakova
Efficiency Enforcer
erke toktabek
Sorcery Supervisor
kate fedotova
chaos stabiliser
sergey chervyakov
georgy shatirov
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